7 March 2017 – The new Runway Status Light (RWSL) device, designed to detect runway incursions, has been awarded first prize in the “Safety and Efficiency on Runway and Final Approach” category of the IHS Jane’s ATC Awards in Madrid.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, where the new RWSL device has been in use since June 2016, was the first airport in Europe to be equipped with the system, as announced by the French Civil Aviation Authority (the DGAC) in June 2016.


“The ‘Runway Status Light’ system detects any unexpected presence on the runway and informs pilots and vehicle drivers directly by means of a visual signal from the runway lights, red meaning stop.

“This alert is preventive, autonomous and, most importantly, direct, which is essential at a time when every second counts,” according to the DGAC and Groupe ADP.

In the United States and Japan, some 15 airports were equipped with this system before it had yet been used in Europe.

The €9 million required to finance the implementation of this system was provided by the DGAC, European funds (€5 million) and Groupe ADP.