Become an Airport Helper

Easy to identify with their “Happy to Help You” badges, Airport Helpers are airport employees that have committed, on top of their day-to-day work, to actively contribute to improving the welcome and assistance offered to passengers.

The Airport Helpers’ community, made up of staff from the dozens of businesses that operate at the airport, promotes a compassionate state of mind and a warm welcome for passengers. These volunteers represent and personify, day in, day out, a mutual desire to improve the visitor experience at the airport.

You represent 51 companies, which each have their own DNA. But you share a common chromosome: a passion for high-quality service. This is the Airport Helper’s make-up.

Today, the community of Airport Helpers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle counts 1,520 volunteers. If you would like to join them, click here!


Airport Helper app

appli_to_help_youTo help you in your day-to-day assistance of international passengers, the app shows you thirty commonly used phrases in the twelve most spoken languages at our airports: English – German – Arabic – Chinese – Indian – Korean – Spanish – Italian – Japanese – Portuguese – Russian – Turkish.

What better way to help our visitors!

You haven’t used it yet? Log in here: http://escalesairporthelper.fr Email airporthelper.cdg@adp.fr to request login details

Airport Helper’s team