Discover the new campaign “Nos métiers ont du cœur”, recently put on show in our terminals. The Parisian photographer Vincent Bourilhon created an imaginary world based on the reality of our business lines, by combining digital photography and Photoshop retouching. A great fan of Paris, he cast a profane and artistic eye on the people who run the airport every day, producing poetic art that invites you on a romantic journey.

Launched over a year ago on the initiative of the Communication departments of Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle, the photo exhibition “Nos métiers ont du cœur” aims to pay tribute to the people who run the airport on a daily basis and to highlight their crucial role.

Ten operational business lines were revisited in this way through the poetic and singular vision of the 24-year-old photographer Vincent Bourilhon.


The photo shoots were held at the Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports and the photos will be presented in the terminals, fully accessible to passengers.


“Nos métiers ont du cœur”, a campaign designed to highlight the roles of various business lines at Paris Aéroport, is displayed at Paris-Orly in Hall A of the South Terminal, P3 green and P3 red, in the baggage reclaim area of the West Terminal and in the Orlyval station. At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, it can be viewed in the baggage reclaim area of T1, in T2C SAS towards 2E, in 2F, in the bus station, in the ZR transit area, in the offices of module P, and in T3.

 “The poetic spirit of these fantasy locations associated with travel is complemented by the formidable people who work in the car parks, on the taxiway, and so on. And they all have countless stories to tell!” Vincent Bourilhon, photographer