Chef Thierry Marx’s Teppan voted “best airport” restaurant in the world

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This summer, two of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport’s bars and restaurants in operation [...]

World-first launch of the Audi Service Station

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Paris Aéroport has launched the first ever Audi Service Station in the PEF [...]

Relay and Airport Helper ambassadors launche a co-development initiative

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On 28 March this year, as part of the Airport Helper initiative, in [...]

Embark on a journey at the Espace Musées and in Terminal 2F

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Following its exhibition on the life of Dina Vierny, founder of Musée Maillol, [...]

Paris Aéroport is making its terminals quieter

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A few months ago, Paris Aéroport committed to a “Quieter airport” initiative. The [...]

Become an Airport Helper Ambassador

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Easy recognisable by their "Happy to Help You" badges, Airport Helpers are airport [...]

New offers for parking at Paris Aéroport

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To respond to new trends among car park users, and in order to [...]

Paris Photo given carte blanche at Terminal 2E

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How can we surprise millions of passengers who pass through Paris-Charles de Gaulle [...]

Paris Aéroport is busy preparing year-end celebrations

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Year-end celebrations are held in many countries around the world and are a [...]

Espace Musées pays homage to Dina Vierny, founder of the Musée Maillol

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Espace Musées is paying tribute to Dina Vierny, presenting 21 pieces from the [...]

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