Just ahead of the launch of the public hearing into the planned construction of the CDG Express direct rail link between Gare de l’Est railway station and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, before looking back at the main stages in the public debate surrounding the CDG Express project, we’ll take a brief look at the details of the project itself.

CDG Express, objective 2024

Planned for late 2023 in light of the bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, the objective of the CDG Express rail link is to connect Gare de l’Est railway station to Terminal 2 of Charles-de-Gaulle airport in 20 minutes. With an overall length of 32 km, the rail link will depart from Gare de l’Est railway station before joining the direct 22 km track today mainly used by the K route and the TER Picardie regional train service, then branching off at Mitry-Mory before continuing to the airport on a new 8 km track. The ticket price will be set by the operator based on a complete price schedule. Fast, reliable, comfortable and connected

Against a backdrop of the forecast growth in world air traffic, the saturation of the road network (the project could attract 15% of current trips from and to the airport) and the nature of the RERB suburban rail service, which is poorly adapted to the transportation of airport passengers, with CDG Express, Groupe ADP would be able to offer its passenger customers a rail link providing a high quality service well adapted to air travellers’ expectations.

Flight information will be available to passengers continuously throughout the journey: from the Gare de l’Est, on the platform of the CDG Express and in the train.

Initiated a long while ago, the project is today a reality During 2017, the CDG Express project completed several key stages, making it possible among other things to lay the groundwork for a business model for the future rail link between Paris and the airport for the northern Paris region, the signature of the new declaration of public interest in March 2017, followed in June by a favourable opinion from the European Commission concerning the envisaged financing solution.

Definition of the economic framework

This framework provides the basis for the future concession contract between the State and the infrastructure manager. Finally, in December, the three partners each holding one third of the equity created a consortium given the task of building the CDG Express: Groupe ADP, SNCF Réseau and the Caisse des Dépôts.

To implement this project, with an estimated cost of 2.1 billion, the three shareholders of the company constituted for the project will inject a total of 0.4 billion of equity into the future operator of the route, contributed on an equal basis, with a further 1.7 billion being provided in the form of a loan from the state.

Where the construction work is concerned, this should begin in early 2019 with commissioning planned for May 2023: the creation of infrastructure is a key aspect of Paris’s bid to organise the 2024 Olympic Games.

CDG Express, a wealth of potential benefits

However, the benefits of the new infrastructure will be felt far beyond the Olympics. With airline passengers using the CDG Express, the RERB can resume its original role of providing day-to-day transport services for Paris’s population. Additionally, the company constituted for the project will invest €150 million for operational improvements to the RERB. Finally, the CDG Express is also aimed at attracting road traffic to ease congestion on the roads between Paris and the airport, and to offer a cleaner, multi-modal, diversified transport solution.

Building the CDG Express is vital to avoid diminishing the attractiveness of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and the further growth in its passenger numbers. In particular, the project will have a positive impact in terms of economic and social benefits in the Ile-de-France region, with the creation of 2400 direct jobs during the construction phase and 300 in the operating phase.

A major, responsible project developed through consultation

Nevertheless, to limit the impact on residents and users of the lines currently in operation in as far as possible, a consultation process is today being carried out with SNCF Réseau, Ile-de-France Mobilités, Transilien and RATP. Among other things, the project will consider aspects such as the selective management of site waste, or limiting dust and noise pollution, etc.

This is therefore a major project, which will move forward in close cooperation and consultation between Groupe ADP and SNCF Réseau and the stakeholders, who are the inhabitants and elected representatives of the region, of the départements and of the districts concerned.

Finally, the last (public) aspect of this consultation is the launch this autumn- from 21 October to 21 November 2018 – of a new public hearing in which residents and stakeholders will be able to express their concerns about the environmental impact of the site.
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