September 2015. A new service providing advice on airport-related careers has been launched as part of the “Entreprises et Quartiers” (“Businesses and Neighbourhoods”) charter signed by Groupe ADP. Set up by DDDR (Délégation aux Relations Territoriales & Environnementales Nord – the Commission for Environmental and Airport Community Relations – North) and DDDC (Délégation à la Promotion Economique et à l’Emploi Nord – the Commission for the Promotion of the Economy and Employment – North), it is aimed at over 200 students in the neighbouring communities. Its aim is to promote careers based in the airport area to students, in order to help them choose and prepare for their future career.

A steer towards airport-based careers

An immersive experience on the inside of the companies operating at Paris-CDG was arranged pursuant to Groupe ADP’s CSR policy for selected establishments within the high-priority education network (REP+).


“The objective of these visits is to familiarise students with a range of occupational sectors by immersing them in the world of freight, the hotel business, sales and customer service, and by facilitating conversations with professionals in their workplace.” Christine Boudet, DDDC


DOM, just the start of a long story

Following on from the success of the “Dispositif Orientation Métiers – DOM” (Careers Advice Service alias CAS) set up and run by the teams of DDDR and DDDC, Caroline Bonvalet and Christine Boudet started offering the service again at the beginning of 2017. New partners of the airport community have agreed to host visits from some pupils from the secondary schools of Moissan in Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), Voillaume in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) and Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise).


Episode I: A new hope…for a job on the runway ….

[…] From the security screening point onwards, the children were able to talk with the supervisors and the head of the Hubsafe point and to find out about safety-related occupations, working conditions and how to obtain the safety badge and certification. […] The Cathay Pacific maintenance team received them next, while cleaning and catering teams, and aircraft mechanics were all going about their duties. From the cockpit to the cabin crew’s rest area, from the galley to the first class suite, everyone took the time to tell the visitors about their duties and the pros and cons of their jobs.

“At school, Clément – an aircraft mechanic with CX – did not speak English and did not see himself doing this job, but after some training abroad everything clicked into place for him!”

… or in customer service 

[…] The pupils met with the City One hostesses to learn about various aspects of customer service, including: wearing the uniform, making customers feel welcome, multicultural encounters with passengers from all over the world, speaking foreign languages, working unsocial hours, salaries, and so on.

Next came the visit to the Instant Paris Area in Hall L, which included the new YotelAir … with the encouragement of Antoaneta (General Manager of YotelAir), because “in addition to skills and English, YotelAir is looking for individuals with a customer-focused attitude…”

Finally Simo Laaksonen (Cathay Pacific’s stopover manager) gave them a VIP welcome with a snack in the first class lounge…with a panoramic view of the flight departing for Hong Kong!

Businesses are hosting visits

The service is clearly a success: after these initial visits, teachers, pupils and contributors are all keen to repeat the experience, this time with the airport’s partners in the hotel business (Pullman, Novotel), maintenance (Aérolima), freight (Bolloré) and retail (Aéroville).



[…] The DOM story continues in April – Episode II: “Careers in the Hotel Business Strike Back”