As part of a partnership agreement, Groupe ADP and DSNA Services—a subsidiary created by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC)—have decided to pool their expertise on the Hologarde project. This project aims at co-developing a solution for detecting drones that could be adapted to all sensitive sites. A particularly innovative solution was trialled at the Paris Air Show.

Airports, nuclear plants, Seveso II Directive sites and prisons are all highly-sensitive areas and demand the highest levels of safety and security. In only a few years, drone traffic has risen exponentially, particularly for leisure activities.


The Deputy CEO for Groupe ADP Edward Arkwright noted, “within the framework of the Innovation Hub programme, Groupe ADP is already at the forefront of using and experimenting with drones in complex environments, such as airports. By pooling the expertise of Groupe ADP and the French Civil Aviation Authority with the dynamic flexibility of partner start-ups, Hologarde gives us a clear advantage in international drone innovation within an industry that is worth billions of euros.”


Radar, radio frequency and HD video

Hologarde incorporates three types of technology in a single control centre, which was installed and trialled at Paris-Le Bourget Airport during the International Paris Air Show. All types of drones can be detected more than 5 kilometres away. The advantage of long-distance detection is being able to anticipate and develop an appropriate response according to the nature of the intrusion. Once the drone is detected, it is monitored in real time with a camera through the control centre available on PCs and tablets.

This first step will allow us to confirm the reliability of the Hologarde solution. Groupe ADP and DSNA Services are currently supporting work to manufacture Hologarde on an industrial scale and to develop countermeasures compatible with the airport environment.

“Hologarde is a drone detection solution that incorporates innovative technologies within a single control centre suitable for all users,” explained Stéphane Durand, Executive Director at DSNA Services. “Our vision is to create a safer world with drones.”


As Mr Arkwright points out, “this project was carried out in only a few months and affirms the strong teamwork between Groupe ADP and the DGAC.”


Starting in July, the trial will go further, with testing at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport over a number of months.