The Flight Focus operations have been introduced to meet Groupe ADP’s objectives and, in particular, to ensure that our customers are kept at the forefront of our strategy. This project, launched by the Operational Unit of CDG airport in March 2014, aims to improve customer satisfaction at departures, arrivals and during transfer. In addition, it enables us to develop our understanding of how airlines and officers operate, while providing a sound structure for the work of the Group and its partners.


How does it work?

Flight Focus consists of examining a specific section of the flight process and of involving the appropriate teams in any changes to be made.

  • Check-in: From the check-in desks up to the DPAF Border Police (AC) or Security checkpoints (D)
  • Boarding: From the boarding lounge up to the door of the aircraft
  • Arrivals: From leaving the aircraft doors up to the public arrivals area + connection circuits
  • What are its objectives?
  • To improve quality from a professional customer point of view
  • To find a balance between managing the customer relationship and meeting operational benchmarks
  • To encourage the discussion of airline and passenger expectations and satisfaction levels
  • What are its strengths?
  • Fast results
  • Structured reporting and monitoring of anomalies
  • Ability to share findings with the airlines in real time
  • Strengthens the bond and establishes relationships between Groupe ADP operational staff, customers and partners