As the new aviation season begins, it is almost 2 years since the Paris Aéroport teams commenced preparatory works to unify and extend the Terminal 1 international departure areas with the construction of nodal and connecting buildings between the terminal’s satellites 1 and 3. A significant phase of this project was the demolition of satellite 2, which took place between May 2017 and October 2017.

+ Discover here the satellite 2’s deconstruction movie

Merging three Terminal 1 satellites

A major project designed to facilitate transfers within Terminal 1 by 2020, linking the Terminal 1 satellites comprises highly complex and technical work due to it being carried out at the heart of the terminal’s operational area. Paris Aéroport aims to open this new 36,000 m2 construction during the first half of 2020.

The new building will be home to five large aircraft stands (A380) and three medium aircraft stands (A320), new luxury airline lounges and a large-scale shopping area for passengers.

From the operational closure of the satellite to the removal of its air bridges In December 2015, satellite 2 was permanently closed to operations and any equipment that could be reused elsewhere was recovered from the site. At the end of 2016, the satellite’s seven air bridges were removed, marking the first stage in the demolition of the satellite.

2017 – satellite 2’s demolition schedule

Before the full demolition of the building could take place, all interior elements had to be stripped. Adopting an environmental approach to the project, this work (known as gutting the building) enabled workers to separate ‘non-inert’ materials (flooring, partitions, doors, windows, fixed furnishings, etc.) from concrete elements for maximum recycling opportunities.

Mid-May 2017: a concrete processor was used to remove the concrete from the building. 15-tonne trucks were used to remove 15,000 tonnes of concrete from the site at a rate of 360 tonnes per day.

End-August 2017: the building is completely demolished. Work was then carried out to secure the area (earthworks, embankments and sheeting). This was completed in October 2017.

Demolition of walkways

The passenger walkways and baggage handling areas between Terminal 1 and satellite 2 were also demolished to clear the area for the future nodal and connecting buildings.

Collaborative work between all Groupe ADP teams

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the site prior to its demolition and the carefully planned closure of the satellite by the Paris Aéroport teams, the Engineering & Development Division teams (Groupe ADP) were able to complete this work within the time limits set, without the constraints of working within an operational building.