Many users of our airports come to Paris-Charles de Gaulle to accompany their friends and relatives by car. Paris Aéroport reports on the measures launched in late 2018 aimed at facilitating traffic flow in and around the airport and optimising parking at the airport’s drop-off points.

In order to improve access times at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and maintain the fast, free parking service at the terminals, Paris Aéroport would like to inform passengers of new measures applied to parking across its drop-off points:

As of 19 December 2018, parking in Paris-Charles de Gaulle drop-off points is strictly limited to one hour by order of the local prefecture […] Extract from the police executive decision.

Paris Aéroport access and transport advice

To avoid any inconvenience and particularly the vehicle’s impoundment after the aforementioned one hour deadline, the Paris Aéroport teams advise visitors to limit the duration of their stay in this space to 10 (free) minutes.

These new measures were communicated on the website in December 2018, alongside advice regarding prior organisation to help prevent journeys from becoming nightmares!

Five step-by-step tips

    1. Consult real-time flight tracking to keep updated about any delays
    2. Identify the airport and terminal at which the flight will be arriving via the online search engine.
    3. Calculate your route beforehand with the site’s dedicated tool and check the state of road traffic towards the airport to plan your journey as accurately as possible. Don’t hesitate to use public transport during busy periods. This could save you some crucial time!
    4. Identify the various available options to pick up passengers by checking the Paris-Charles de Gaulle terminal maps
    5. Find out about the terms of use for drop-off points and the parking rates (have a look at the new parking offers from Paris Aéroport!) to make your choice.


One last tip / … check the list of Paris-Charles de Gaulle drop-off car parks to choose the one closest to the terminal at which your passenger will be arriving.