To respond to new trends among car park users, and in order to enable your customers to park as close as possible to the terminals at the best rates, Groupe ADP’s Airport Operations Division has implemented a new pricing system for car park reservations based on a real-time pricing method. Continue reading to find out more about our new parking campaign and offers!

Yield Management

This optimised pricing system – referred to as yield management – applied to the sale of a product or service is a method designed to offer attractive rates to airline customers. It is based on a real-time forecast of demand by market segment.

This marketing approach was first used in the United States in the early 1980s with the deregulation of air transport. It has now been applied to car park reservation prices in order to adapt to new trends in usage, namely the increase in parking reservations made online and the development of artificial intelligence tools.


  • Attractive prices for short stay parking and off-peak periods
  • Better stock management
  • Reference pricing that more closely reflects the reality of parking in relation to taxis and ride-hailing services

                                                                                            A new approach for new practices


The concept behind this approach is to support these practices and highlight the new offers for parking by:

– Encouraging online reservations,
– Clarifying the offer by showcasing the new prices (four visuals),
– Implementing a new pricing reference (vs. return prices charged by taxis or ride-hailing services),
– Reinforcing the ‘official’ status of the car parks viewed against competitors’ car parks by drawing on the brand’s codes and symbols.


A communication system geared towards the customer’s journey

Taking on a variety of forms to cover the current offering and future services, the promotional campaign showcases the full range of parking options offered by Paris Aéroport and will cover the customer’s entire journey, offering a great level of visibility to these new products.