The month of April has been well focused on employment at our airports, with several career fairs dedicated to key French sectors held at the Environmental and Sustainable Development Resource Centre (MEDD) at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

To meet the important hiring needs of the companies of the Grand Roissy-Le Bourget and the job applications of its inhabitants, especially for the spring/summer season, three job forums were held this month-In partnership with GIP Emploi Roissy (*), the next one being set in June: IMMINENT DEPARTURE/AIRPORT CAREERS, on June 19 in MEDD at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

(*) These forums, co-organised by the Public Interest Group Emploi Roissy CDG, are part of a partnership initiative with employment and training organisations and economic actors, in an aim to boost employment among the populations of Grand Roissy-Le Bourget in its main economic sectors.
By holding this type of event for companies and inhabitants of the area, the Emploi Roissy CDG, of which Groupe ADP is a founding member, is fully assuming its role as a territorial engineer and entity that brings together public and private actors in the employment and training sectors.