A few months ago, Paris Aéroport committed to a “Quieter airport” initiative. The aim is to improve passenger comfort in all of the terminals at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly Airports. How? By restricting the number of public announcements and in particular, general announcements, to essential information required to guide passengers on their journey.

Reducing noise disruption in the terminals

The long-term goal is to confine all boarding announcements to the gates (no longer broadcast on all airport speakers). Collaborative work is being carried out with the airlines to continue to ensure passengers proceed to their gates in good time.

With an average of nearly twenty announcements per hour in some boarding lounges, the aim is to reduce noise activity to guarantee a more peaceful environment for as many passengers as possible, and to reduce the levels of stress generated by numerous announcements.

General regulatory announcements relating to safety, passenger security and exceptional circumstances (e.g. diverted flights, bad weather, emergency situations, etc.) will of course still be made.

An international concept

The “Quieter airport” initiative is gradually being rolled out at most leading airports, including Dubai, London Heathrow and, more recently, Singapore’s Changi airport. ACI satisfaction surveys list noise impact (mainly linked to announcements) among the major contributing factors to passenger satisfaction in terms of boarding lounge comfort and atmosphere.

Awareness-raising campaign

A passenger awareness-raising campaign will be gradually rolled out within the terminals as the initiative progresses. Passengers will be asked to check the status of their flight on the screens provided.

Finally, welcome staff will be on hand throughout the terminals to guide and inform passengers. Flight updates are also available via the Paris Aéroport app and at www.parisaeroport.fr.