On 28 March this year, as part of the Airport Helper initiative, in collboration with the Relay brand, a workshop was launched among the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport community to reflect on the “Relay of the future”. Twelve Airport Helper ambassadors took part…

Services that make sense

The objective of the workshop organised in the Teppan restaurant of Terminal 1 was for Lagardère Travel Retail to determine which offers/services could make sense for airport staff who are familiar with the Relay brand.

As a privileged partner of Groupe ADP, Lagardère Travel Retail France has launched a co-development initiative in the form of a fun brainstorming game, the aim being to generate ideas through friendly competition.

Participants included staff from companies and airline partners of Groupe ADP as HUB SAFE, HUB ONE, ICTS, SECURITAS, AMERICAN AIRLINES and representatives of Paris Aéroport.

Lagardère Travel Retail France has always appreciated the Airport Helper community’s approach. Now it’s our turn to think of relevant services and offers that could make their day-to-day lives easier. In a constant effort to improve Relay’s value proposition, Lagardère Travel Retail France wants to interview on-site staff who are as much a part of the brand’s core target as travellers.”Xavier Huret, Marketing and Sales Manager RELAY@ADP

“I found this workshop very constructive. By bringing together several people from different trades, a multitude of ideas are emerging. If these ideas are adopted, it will improve the daily experience of travellers and employees. At the same time, it’s nice to meet people from different companies. I really enjoyed this day.” Isabelle Dombrowski, Safety Supervisor, ICTS

‘The Airport Helper workshop, in partnership with RELAY, is an innovative and concrete idea for thinking about developments in services and products, that will be proposed tomorrow at our terminals. This event also brought together in a friendly and informal setting, the professionals of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport, who were able to hold rich exchanges around customer satisfaction.” Nissrine Tlidi Djansezian, Commercial Engineer, HUB ONE

I would describe this experience as a precious moment, an enriching discovery with a 3-phase unfolding. Thinking first and looking for innovative ideas. Then, the “post-it” phase, a means of rapid communication that allows us to reveal, share our ideas or even enrich them. Finally, the collection of all the ideas, the valorization of the reflection of each one, the wealth of experience shared by actors of the platform from all horizons, to the benefit of a common idea: the quality of service.” Michèle Gorius, Customer Services Agent, AMERICAN AIRLINES

“I was excited to organize this event! This workshop highlighted the values and spirit of the Airport Helper initiative. Exchanging and sharing ideas for the benefit of quality of service is obvious and is part of the customer vision of all the partners of the Airport Community. Many thanks to the participants for their enthusiasm, their responsiveness and their proposals.” Christiane Janssen-Moorghen, Leader and pilot of the Airport Helper initiative