Groupe ADP is enhancing its car sharing offer with the launch of a more extensive car-share solution.

An alternative to driving solo

In 2006, Groupe ADP launched a car sharing platform in collaboration with Air France. To take into account innovations in the field, car sharing was looked at again as part of the Inter-Company Transport Plan comprising ADP S.A, Aéroville, Air France, Bolloré Logistics, FedEx, Hub One, Hub Safe, Kéolis CIF and La Poste, i.e. approximately 50% of personnel at Paris-CDG airport.

A new car sharing app

Operated by R’Pro’Mobilité (an association that is steering the Inter-Company Transport Plan at CDG), the R’Pro’Covoiturage platform by Boogi includes a web site and a mobile app that supports daily journeys made by employees in the Paris region from companies that are members of the Inter-Company Transport Plan:

  • planned car sharing, to plan your journey in advance
  • dynamic car sharing, to plan your journey at the last minute based on the “virtual auto-stop” principle once you’ve entered details of your journey.

Connect, Suggest, Car Share !

Download the Boogi app or connect via the website: and join the community so you can car share with your colleagues !