As part of the regular maintenance of airfield pavements, Paris-CDG’s runway 09L/27R spent three days, between 11 and 15 May, having a portion of its wearing course repaired.
The objective of this maintenance work is to keep runway 3 in operational condition until its restoration scheduled for 2020. A photo reportage on a successful gambit

Following the example of the last runway renovation at CDG (the restoration of runway 08L/26R between 18 July and 3 October 2016), the maintenance of any wearing course for aircraft is essential if it is to be kept in good condition for preferably take-offs. For that reason, SNA-RP CDG/LBG (Aerial Navigation Services for the Paris region) and CDGR (the airfield aprons operational unit) opted for a three-day job—from 10.30pm (LT) on 11 May to 5.00am (LT) on 15 May—in order to safely obtain a high-quality result while minimizing the traffic impact.

“Closing a runway is always tricky, because the volume of traffic is such that it is difficult to go without a runway during the day. Over that weekend, we constantly had to find the optimal way to operate the two parallel runways, all the while maintaining a high degree of safety on the ground and in the air” – François Verhaeghe, DGAC/CDG-LBB

A whirlwind work site

Amid a spirit of collaboration, the teams worked relentlessly to carry off this large-scale operation. CDGR managed the crews and provided the interface between the aerial navigation teams and those from Paris Aéroport INFRA (infrastructures):

-Removal of the lights (126 units)
-Planing down and laying of the bituminous mix (17,000 sq.m)
-Re-installation of the lights

Operation “green optimization”

All the work was carried out in the allotted time by companies that are subcontracted by Groupe ADP on annual maintenance contracts, and monitored by teams from the SNA (beacons) unit and INFRA. Other departments, such as CDGC (topography) and the Engineering & Development Division (laboratory) were also involved in the operation.

Lastly, to take full advantage of this period of closure and advance the process of mowing the airfield by several weeks, CDGR’s teams did the annual mowing of the north parallel runways, as well as other maintenance tasks (crack-bridging, touching up seams, etc.)

The figures: 247 ha were mowed over the course of the long weekend, out of a total of 288 ha for the pair of runways (the CDG airfield covers a total of 1100 ha).