In May 2019, Paris Aéroport welcomed 9.2 million passengers, an increase of 2.9% compared with May 2018. 6.5 million passengers travelled through Paris-Charles de Gaulle (+6.2%) and 2.8 million through Paris-Orly (-4.2%). This trend is notably impacted by the negative effect of the calendar evolution of Ramadan, which generates a decrease of traffic, took place this year from 6 May to 4 June 2019 whereas in 2018, it lasted from 16 May to 14 June.

  • International traffic (excluding Europe) was up (+2.6%), due to growth in the following destinations: Latin America (+14.9%), North America (+10.0%), the French Overseas Territories (+7.1%) and Asia-Pacific (+3.8%). The destinations which were down: Africa (-8.5%) and the Middle East (-2.9%);
  • European traffic (excluding France) was up by 4.4%;
  • Traffic within France was down by 0.9%;
  • The number of connecting passengers increased by 15.3%. The connecting rate stood at 22.4%, up by 2.2 points compared with May 2018.

Since the beginning of the year, Paris Aéroport passenger traffic has increased by 4.7%, with a total of  42.4 million passengers. The number of connecting passengers has risen by 13.4%. The connecting rate stands at 23.3%, up by 1.7 points.