This year over 1,000 employees will once again be involved in winter service operations at Paris-CDG Airport.

Providing the winter service (WS) for the CDG airside areas requires setting up a Snow Plan as part of our overall organisation involving all the stakeholders in the winter maintenance of Paris-CDG.

This document is published every year in October and is for all those involved in WS as well as Groupe ADP partners (Air Navigation Service, airlines, CDGR Winter Maintenance Department service providers, the Operational Unit for CDG airside areas, etc.). It describes in detail the winter processes involved during a winter aviation season, particularly the different intervention strategies.

“The obligation to maintain our expertise requires a tremendous amount of organisation, logistics and training.”  Régis Lacote, Director of CDGR Airside Operations and Facilities

CDM, the primary process

The Snow Plan is implemented collectively. It is consistent with the CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) approach, and as such is a key component even of a collaborative circle between all the players involved in WS operations.

The CDM is structured around daily or intermittent audio-conferences during which available information is shared between all the participants and decisions are made regarding the strategies and tactical solutions each of them has planned (CDM platform).

The CDM platform centralises and makes decisions on how to manage any deteriorating situation.” Jean-Marc Flon, SNA – RP

The main WS participants and their primary roles

The Air Navigation Service for the Paris Region (SNA-RP)

Provides air traffic control operations on the airport manoeuvring area
Draws up the provisional schedule of the airport’s capacity limitations
Disseminates statutory aeronautical information to users.

The Roissy Meteorological Centre

Prepares regular Snow/Ice forecasts for subscriber services (SNA-PR, CDGR, etc.) during the winter period
Notifies the different CPs of actual or expected changes in the weather as regards snow and ice.

Météo-France website for CDM@CDG

For accessing all useful weather information including forecasts:

> Accessible with a username and password.
> Apply to:

The CDGR OU – Winter Maintenance Department (WM)

By way of a reminder, the missions of the Winter Maintenance Department (WM), backed up by those of the Snow Operational Unit (OU), appear in the Groupe ADP SA terms and conditions (Article 10): Develop the airside areas where facilities are installed, keep them permanently operational and provide the associated services. Includes the removal of snow and ice from the airport pavement during Winter 2016/2017 (from 15/10/16 to 15/04/17).

Its missions include:

> Checking and providing all the ST/MT/LT resources assigned to the airport manoeuvring and traffic areas
> Organising stand-by duties, early warnings and instructions for staff and equipment
> Coordinating the WS staff (working hours, availability, compliance with regulations, etc.)

Figures for a winter season

  • 828,000 m2 the surface area of 4 runways (92 X the Stade de France)
  • 2 400 m3 of stock of glycol
  •  117 snow ploughs including 11 high performance (HP)
  •  14 cm of snow accumulated in one day (record set on 13/03/2013)
  •  20 snow plough trains
  •  30 test runs planned every year
  • 70% volunteers among the Groupe ADP staff
  •  207 machines and light vehicles for snow removal/de-icing
  • 858 operators (WS) including 470 Groupe ADP employees
  • 260 operators for de-icing activity





Winter season: Paris-Charles de Gaulle decked out for winter