Paris Aéroport has launched the first ever Audi Service Station in the PEF Premium car park at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. This is a world-first for an international airport.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle now features the first ever Audi Service Station. It involves a digital safe where Audi owners can store their keys while they’re away and get their cars serviced without making a separate trip to the garage.

How does it work?

Before departure, passengers can call – 01 85 74 30 00 – the Roissy Audi Bauer dealership and tell them what they want (servicing, repairs, etc.). The dealer organises the services and reserves a parking space in the PEF Premium car park for the duration of the passenger’s trip.  The passenger then drops their key off in the secure safe at the Audi Service Station. During their trip, an Audi valet will collect the vehicle, Audi Bauer will then service the car at the garage before returning it to the car park.  On their return, the passenger pays for the services and parking at the Audi Service Station in a single payment. All they need to do is collect their keys and enjoy their newly serviced or repaired car!